Indara Announces Partnership With Israel-based Drone Company vHive


Digital twin software solutions provider Indara announced yesterday it has formed a partnership with Israel-based AI-powered drone systems supplier vHive. Indara said the move is designed to create a faster, more effective, and more sustainable servicing of their digital infrastructure portfolio of over 4,300 sites across Australia.

Indara’s Todd Lankford, Director of Operations Transformation, said: “This partnership will eliminate the need for unnecessary travel to our sites, reducing costs and risks, saving time and more importantly, reducing our carbon footprint. With site data seamlessly integrated into our existing systems, our customers will be armed with more accurate data to make business decisions accelerating deployment and improving the precision of how their networks are deployed.”  

Alan Bennett, Indara’s Executive Director of Operations, said: “This partnership is part of our company’s purpose – to accelerate the digitization of Australia by providing infrastructure that will enable connectivity services to communities. As a leader in the industry, we are constantly looking for opportunities, innovations and partnerships that will enable us to continually improve the way we build, operate and maintain our infrastructure.”

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