Inside Towers’ Podcast: “Tower Talks” is Underway


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Inside Towers will be entering the world of podcasting, with an ongoing series of talks and “Fryerside Chats,” featuring guests from across the industry.  Inside Towers Managing Editor, Jim Fryer, hosts the program slated to run, initially, twice per month. Tower Talks’ first guest is Todd Schlekeway, Executive Director of NATE. Schlekeway discusses the recent NATE conference and the upcoming ‘D.C. Fly-In’ held for NATE members, looking to connect with their political representatives.

Fryer also shares the ethernet with Inside Towers Washington Bureau Chief, Leslie Stimson, who provides insights on what is happening “inside the Beltway” with both the FCC and Congress.

“Forgive an old newspaperman as he gets used to this new medium,” Fryer said. “In the late ‘70’s, this was not an optional course at the University of Missouri School of Journalism.” Fryer said It not only requires learning a whole new set of rules technically, but also in how you approach and conduct an interview.  “We hope to be able to adapt to using the podcast on the road at trade shows and other events to provide another angle on our coverage of the industry,” he said.

To join a listening party of our trial run, email us and we’ll notify you when it’s available. Once the podcast is officially launched, you’ll be able to subscribe to the series.

March 15, 2019

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