Investments Keep Climbing


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Edgewater Growth Capital Partners announced their recent investment in Vertical Bridge Holdings, owner and manager of wireless communications infrastructure. Vertical Bridge is following in the footsteps of their founding partners’ predecessor, Global Tower Partners who was acquired by American Tower in 2013 for $4.8 billion. The company is acquiring cell towers and rooftop cell sites to build out their mobile communications network. Edgewater Growth Capital Partners has made an undisclosed investment in Vertical Bridge so no financial terms were disclosed. Vertical Bridge was founded by former COO of GTP, Alex Gellman while being managed and backed by critical members of the team that grew GTP from its inception as a start-up in 2002 to its successful exit as a market leader in October 2013. Most recently, on October 1, 2014, Vertical Bridge announced the acquisition of six additional tower portfolio assets in the Great Lakes region, through the Eastern US, Puerto Rico, and a number of Southern markets. “VB continues to grow at an accelerated pace, taking advantage of a very healthy M&A pipeline. We are closing deals with known partners who successfully worked with us before and also many new partners who like our approach to the M&A process. We also are excited to be back in Puerto Rico, which we view as an attractive region,” said Gellman.

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