Jim Fryer Named Managing Editor of Inside Towers


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Jim Fryer will be joining Inside Towers as its new managing editor. Fryer’s depth of knowledge of the tower market and background in publishing were key factors to Inside Towers’ owner/publishers George Reed and Eddie Esserman.

“This is a big day for Inside Towers,” Reed said. “I have been a fan and a follower of Jim’s tower expertise and knowledge for literally decades. His decision to join us, just as we finish our third year of operation, lends an unprecedented level of credibility to our publication. Our readers, advertisers, and our company all benefit. We could not be more pleased.”

Esserman added, “Jim Fryer has been a name linked with the tower industry perhaps dating back to before it was recognized as one.  We could not be more delighted that an individual with Jim’s history, knowledge, and chops elected to join forces with Inside Towers,” he said.  “George and I are honored to have him as part of the company.” 

Jim has served the tower market for almost 3 decades, first as the founder of Fryer’s Site Guide, the nation’s first directory of tower sites printed in hard copy format (remember that?) then transitioned it to the award-winning electronic version: Fryer’s TowerSource.  Fryer also published the Tower Owner Buyer’s Guide and the annual Tower Market Report which was often cited by the international press, the Wall Street Journal and Investor’s Business Daily.  Time Magazine, in an article on stealth towers, once called Jim “the industry’s chief data tracker”  (For some time after that he would make his employees refer to him as Chief Data Tracker”.)  After selling the company 8 years ago, Jim became an independent consultant to the market helping tower companies buy sites, increase leasing revenues and improve their PR and marketing profile.  He started up a LinkedIn group dedicated to the site acq sector called Site Acquisition Specialist.  With over 5,200 members it is the largest site acquisition group on LinkedIn.  The subgroups spun off from it are Site Acq Africa, Site Acq Australia and Site Acq CALA.

Jim is also on the board of directors of the Pennsylvania Wireless Association serving as their PR & Marketing Chairman.

He is a former general manager of the Pittsburgh Business Journal and Associate Publisher with McGraw-Hill (Black’s Office Leasing Guide).  A graduate of the University of Missouri School of Journalism, Jim lives in Philadelphia with Charlie…his Saint Bernard.

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