Letter From the Editor: Happy Anniversary Readers!


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Have you ever been so busy you just forgot about an anniversary or a birthday?  That just happened to us at Inside Towers.  It was our fourth anniversary sometime this week, was it Monday? Tuesday?…anyway we totally missed it.

We had a good excuse: we’ve been covering this industry on a daily basis since the day we met! That means we’ve delivered 1,200 times, more or less, over those four years.  So, you might rightly fault our lack of sentimentality but you can’t doubt our dedication and consistency!

But then you don’t look like the type for sappy musings, so let’s just clink a virtual glass of bubbly and say ‘here’s to four years together, may there be many more.’  We looked it up: a fourth anniversary is commemorated with fruit and flowers or linen and silk. Nah, that’s not us.

Even in that rather short time frame, the industry has changed and we hope we can reflect that change in our coverage.  We are still, and will remain, tower-centric in our focus since that is the backbone, the skeletal structure, if you will, of the telecommunications business.  But what were once tangential topics, fiber, DAS, small cells, mergers, FCC policy, state bills and first responders, have all taken a bigger role over those four years in shaping what towers mean in the ‘big picture’ and what they do to support it.  You play a major role in helping us keep our focus on current issues with your feedback and suggestions and story ideas …so thanks for that.  Keep it coming.

Enough celebrating.  Back to work on delivering meaningful content on a consistent basis! After all, isn’t that what you really want in a relationship?

By Jim Fryer, Managing Editor, Inside Towers

October 27, 2017

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