Nebraska Tower Didn’t Actually Collapse


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Frank Dirico, President of Viaero Wireless, called on Friday to explain that the news reports claiming a tower “collapse” were indeed false, and that an antenna array fell onto the two men while they were on the ground. “Because of the winds at the time, all of our workers were on the ground when the wind gust blew in,” Dirico said. Two men were injured: one with shoulder pain and the other with a possible broken leg. According to Dirico, 30 men were working on the site at them time, but no one was on the towers and the tower didn’t collapse. In fact, the tower is slated to go live today.

New reports did indicate that OSHA will be investigating the accident. KOTA-TV reported, “Area Director for OSHA in Nebraska Bonita Winingham says they will look into tools that were used, work that took place prior to the collapse, and interview employees, management, authorities that were on the scene and any witnesses.”

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