New Product Helps Tower Companies Grow Their Portfolios Faster


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Aurora Insight’s newest product, TowerLogix, analyzes data to answer important questions for tower companies, like where to invest in additional tower sites. Based on different performance metrics, TowerLogix is a data analytics tool for tower portfolio growth and it is available for any metro area in the United States.

Here are a few answers that TowerLogix provides:

  • The best locations to build new towers
  • How suitable a location is for fixed wireless access (FWA)
  • What is the expected return for a new tower build
  • Which network operators to target to form a multi-tenant tower

“TowerLogix is unique because it analyzes data to provide the tower industry with actual answers rather than just raw data. You no longer need a team of data analysts to derive insights for important business decisions because we’re providing that detailed analysis for you,” said Jennifer Alvarez, co-founder and CEO, Aurora Insight.

TowerLogix is based on data that Aurora Insight gathers from its WirelessEssentials product, which geolocates transmitter locations and technology for any area in the world. The data is completely independent of all network operators and includes transmitter deployment locations of 4G or 5G technology, the number of network operators deployed at a targeted site, and spectrum and bandwidth usage. This raw data identifies both regional and national carriers, and it is used by network operators of all sizes who want to perform their own analysis for coverage gaps and deployments.

TowerLogix provides the user with a map that divides the area into hexagonal units that are color-coded based on the score assigned by Aurora Insight’s data scientists. The results can be seen at a glance above. Dark orange indicates a good location to build, and light grey indicates that a new tower is not necessary in that area. TowerLogix still provides the tower-by-tower, raw location data that is available through WirelessEssentials.

“There’s a richness of information behind TowerLogix, concerning several parameters about each and every tower,” Alvarez said. “But many tower companies don’t have the necessary level of expertise to analyze raw data.”

To delineate if an area is a good candidate for a new cell tower, Aurora Insight’s team uses raw site data and machine-learning algorithms to produce several important metrics. These metrics include signal quality, coverage, interference, user experience, traffic, demographics, fiber and real estate.

“Analyzing these metrics gives us really useful information for tower companies,” Alvarez said. “A high score indicates that the location is a great area to build and lease up a new tower, based on the area having a larger population with poor coverage, quality, interference, and user experience. A low score, on the other hand, would indicate that the area already has good coverage and quality signals, so it is likely not the best location for a new tower,” she added.

Fast and Efficient Data Analytics Reports  

TowerLogix metrics can be customized and combined to answer a number of different questions. Aurora Insight currently provides four turn-key analytics reports that are designed for tower companies to quickly understand the analysis and take action.

To identify the top locations to build or buy new towers, Aurora Insight offers a High-Priority Tower Build Zone Report, which advises tower companies on the top locations for new tower builds in major metro areas across the United States.

Tower Lease-Up Reports are designed to help tower companies find out which mobile network operators they should target to lease additional space on their existing towers. “By understanding which nearby operators need improved performance, tower companies can form a multi-tenant tower faster and more efficiently,” Alvarez said.

The Tower ROI Score Report assesses the quality of a potential new tower investment by revealing its estimated return on investment score, before the tower is built.

The Fixed Wireless Access Score Report reveals how suitable a location is for FWA deployments, enabling maximum returns for investments.

Aurora Insight is a multi-regime data collection company, gathering data from land, air and space. Cars with RF sensors are driven in areas to gauge the strength of wireless signals. And then in rural areas, a Cessna 182 with an RF sensor does a survey as the plane goes back and forth in a lawnmower pattern across the state. On top of that, Aurora Insight has three satellites in polar orbits sensing how spectrum is being used globally.

“You need really high-resolution measurements to be able to produce this type of granularity to locate every single base station and figure out who’s operating it,” Alvarez said. “TowerLogix is created more from the driving and flying data.”

To learn more about TowerLogix, visit here. For information on Spectrum Occupancy and WirelessEssentials data sets, request a free demo to access the data here.

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