New Wide-Band Antenna Reduces Wind-Load, Weight, Size


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As carriers upgrade and improve coverage, new antennas and radio equipment placed on the tower can increase those costs under the present leasing agreements. Additional capital expenditures (CAPEX) may also be incurred, due to the additional weight and wind load of this equipment, causing a need to improve the structural capabilities of the tower. Kathrein claims this antenna is, “presently the world’s narrowest antenna with true broadband side-by-side dual polarized low band (698-894 MHz) array.”

Due to the high port count, Kathrein’s new wideband 4×4 MIMO (Multiple in-Multiple Out) dual band solution allows operators to reduce the physical number of antennas on a sector, thereby lowering tower leasing costs while adding significant additional capacity and throughput. The new design reduces the antenna width by 25 percent and the weight by 30 percent while reducing the maximum wind load by 33 percent.

July 31, 2019

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