NTIA, South Korea to Cooperate on Telecom Tech, Supplier Diversity


NTIA Administrator Alan Davidson met Tuesday with Park Yun Kyu, vice minister of the Ministry of Science and ICT (MSIT), for the Republic of [South] Korea, to discuss telecom and policy. The meeting preceded a congressional hearing planned for Wednesday on telecom supply chain resiliency.

“It will take partnership with countries like Korea to ensure that the supply chain is as diverse, innovative and resilient as possible,” Davidson said in a statement. 

In the meeting, Davidson also outlined the non-binding 2021 Prague Proposals on Telecommunications Supplier Diversity, which are the basis for agreements in diversifying telecommunications supply chains. Those proposals push for policy development in network innovation and support, international collaboration and engagement with industry members. The two agreed to have agencies share information on promoting responsible and trustworthy AI developments, according to NTIA.

Both agencies intend to cooperate on telecommunications supply chain diversity and resilience, based on specific sections of the 2021 Prague Proposals on Telecommunications Supplier Diversity. Both agencies also intend to share information on promoting responsible and trustworthy AI innovations. 

“The wireless equipment supply chain is a global one,” said Davidson. “I look forward to further engagement with the MSIT on open and interoperable telecommunications networks, as well as on our respective AI efforts.” 

“As a follow-up measure to the outcomes of the commemoration of the 70th ROK-U.S. Alliance, President Yoon’s state visit in April and the Korea-U.S.-Japan trilateral summit in August, the MSIT plans to further strengthen cooperation with the NTIA in key fields of advanced digital technologies such as AI, 6G and Open RAN,” said Kyu.  

By Leslie Stimson, Inside Towers Washington Bureau Chief

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