The Results Are In


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So much for having to wait five to 10 days, the AWS-3 spectrum auction results are in:

AT&T – $18.2 billion
Verizon – $10.4 billion
Dish – $10 billion (13.3 billion gross)
T-Mobile – $1.8 billion

This auction raised (in net bids) a total of $41,329,673,325, with 31 winning bidders winning a total of 1,611 licenses. Walter Piecyk, technology, media, and telecom analyst at BTIG noted that the two bidders associated with Dish were Northstar and SNR, which bid the $13.3 billion, but they will get a 25% discount as designated small business entity bringing their total to $10 billion. Dish did not win any licenses itself, but rather entered into the joint budding agreements with the two companies. “Dish’s bidding significantly exceeded expectations, said MoffettNathanson analyst Craig Moffett, adding that it put a damper on the investors’ hypothesis that the satellite company had expected to turn around and sell the newly acquired airwaves to Verizon or another buyer,” Reuters reported. The down payment for the bids will be due February 13 and the final payments are due by March 2. View a full list of the bidders, the licenses acquired, and amount paid.

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