Study: 400 MHz of Mid-band Spectrum for 5G will add $274B to Economy


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In advance of today’s Senate hearing on 5G, CTIA released data from Analysys Group that says making 400 MHz of mid-band spectrum available for commercial 5G networks will add $274 billion to the U.S. economy and create 1.3 million new jobs. Moreover, a 2018 Analysys Mason study shows other countries plan to make over four times more licensed mid-band spectrum available than the United States by 2020. CTIA commissioned the research.

“Making more mid-band spectrum available will secure our long-term wireless leadership and boost our economy,” said CTIA President/CEO Meredith Attwell Baker. 

“The FCC is already making great progress freeing up mid-band and we’re confident that under the leadership of Chairman Pai, we can quickly close the close the gap.”

Baker is scheduled to testify at today’s Senate Commerce Committee hearing, Inside Towers reported. So is CCA President/CEO Steve Berry.

To determine the potential economic impact of mid-band spectrum on America’s economy, Analysys Group modeled the investments wireless providers will need to make in order to deploy networks using 400 MHz of mid-band spectrum over a seven year period, the jobs created in the building of those networks, and the resulting economic benefits. Key findings include:

  • Wireless providers will invest greater than $150 billion in infrastructure to deliver 5G services over mid-band spectrum
  • The wireless industry will create 1.3 million new jobs—on a direct and spillover effect basis—to deploy mid-band infrastructure
  • The economic activity resulting from this investment and job creation will add $274 billion to America’s GDP

“Newly allocated mid-band spectrum will complement the spectrum wireless providers are currently using, allowing the blend of coverage and capacity necessary to bring revolutionary 5G services to the U.S.,” said David Sosa, Principal at Analysis Group. “The investment required to build out 5G networks to use this spectrum will generate substantial economic benefits in the form of higher GDP and job creation in communities large and small.”

February 6, 2019   

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