TEP & Allfasteners Go Ivy League With Small Cell Project


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Allfasteners, a company well-schooled in fastening solutions and construction supply. Allfasteners quickly attached themselves to Tower Engineering Professionals (TEP), a full service, multi-discipline, turn-key engineering and construction firm to provide engineering services for the project.

With over 300 experienced tower industry veterans, a third of them certified climbers, TEP was ready to put its resume of handling more than 50,000 cell towers around the globe to work. The goal of the project was to deliver a unique pole that would not only fit in but deliver high grades for coverage in the elite campus environment at Princeton University. One member of the TEP team, Ryan Rimmele, PE, SE, had an in-depth knowledge of all the pole sites, being a Princeton alumnus.

On a campus where Albert Einstein once taught, Princeton demanded the poles be “smart,” with precise specifications, fully integrated to provide quick installation that could be powered up quickly. Working closely with Allfasteners and the University, the project met all critical demands and was operational by July.

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