Thanks for an Industry That’s Never Boring


We are often asked by those on the outside how we fill a newsletter every blessed day. As an editor, the problem more often involves what we have to leave out or can’t get to right away. Our gratitude at Inside Towers stems from being able to cover a non-stop, ever-expanding and always interesting marketplace that revolves around wireless infrastructure. Much like watching an opera where grandiose characters and plots, sometimes tragic, sometimes comedic, come and go and, even though you might not catch everything they’re saying, you are struck by the pageantry of it all.

Before we break and start passing the green bean casserole, I wanted to send out a thanks to my fellow tower industry veterans of three decades (Yikes! We all started at the age of 20, right?). But seriously, how many industries can boast that kind of longevity for careers? I can honestly say I’ve never heard of someone transferring to another industry out of boredom or bettering their opportunity. The challenges and rewards have always been enough in this business to keep a body well-occupied and mostly well-compensated and, with that, retirement be damned, let’s see what happens in that fourth decade. 

Thank you friends, readers and advertisers. Pass the gravy.

By Jim Fryer, Inside Towers Managing Editor

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