Use Coupon Code “BT” For Discounted Wholesale Fiber Broadband


British telecoms provider BT is building a multi-billion dollar national fiber network, and regulator Ofcom approved discounted wholesale fiber pricing this week. Reuters reported that BT plans to offer discounted pricing to providers, including Sky, Vodafone, and TalkTalk, to gain more customers. 

Katie Milligan, the chief commercial officer of Openreach (a BT-owned company), said the decision was “good news for customers as it means lower prices and long-term certainty – encouraging the switch to faster, more reliable broadband connections.”

BT’s plan is called Equinox 2 and was opposed by rival network Virgin Media O2 and other fiber builders. However, Ofcom has determined that BT’s strategy is not “anti-competitive.”

“Our overriding objective is to bring better broadband to people across the UK by promoting competitive investment in high-speed networks and making sure there’s a level playing field for all companies,” an Ofcom spokesperson told Reuters.

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