Utility Company Relocates Osprey By Air…in Kitty Hawk, NC Of Course


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Dominion Energy North Carolina recently installed new, safer osprey nesting platforms on towers near Ground Zero for manned flight, Kitty Hawk, NC, by flying through the air. Existing wooden platforms affixed to abandoned towers had been in use by the birds for some 30 years, but with wear and tear, only a few remained, reported WAVY-TV.

How did they install the luxury nesting stands? The energy company’s transmission group used a helicopter to remove the existing platforms and install larger and more durable three-foot square aluminum alloy ones weighing 34 pounds each. Two workers on a 75-foot tether, dangled from the helicopter and attached the new platforms to all towers in the area.

Carter Clevinger, project manager-Electric Transmission Reliability noted in a press release, “This is really about safety and reliable service. Safety for the osprey because if they build on our energized transmission towers, they run the risk of electrocution; and safety and reliability for our customers by preventing massive power outages on the Outer Banks that could occur if nesting materials contact our lines.”

Watch the video here.

November 3, 2017

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