Waukegan City Council’s Vote for 130-Foot Cell Tower Sees Opposition


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Even though three alderman and one resident opposed the installation of a 130-foot cellular tower on a vacant lot west of a residential area near the intersection of Lewis Avenue and 10th Street in Waukegan, IL, the City Council last week voted in approval 6-3.
The Chicago Tribune reports “an ordinance was enacted last spring that bans construction of cell towers within 500 feet of residential sectors.” Waukegan’s planning and zoning department said that the applicant, property owner Jose Zurita and Central States Tower, an agent for Verizon Wireless, filed for the tower before the new regulations.
The nearest residence from the new tower site is approximately 125 feet, which meets the distance requirement that was set before the new regulations. Residents, however, fear that property values and curb appeal will decrease due to the proximity of the new tower. The tower also will sit next to a retention pond.
According to the Tribune, City Attorney Anne Linn said “all residents living within 250 feet were notified about the development during the application stage.” However, Ninth Ward Alderman Ann Taylor said at one point that “it does not look good for the city to have an ordinance there, and then all of a sudden have a cell-phone tower put up.” She did vote for the plan, due to the application coming prior to the new rule.