Wilton Known For Its Blackouts Despite Numerous Cell Sites


Wilton is known as a town where there are occasional cell phone blackout areas, but it’s not for lack of infrastructure, according to the Wilton Bulletin.  The Connecticut Siting Council shows 14 sites, although not all are towers. “Some of them are rooftop antenna mounts or electric transmission line structure antenna mounts, which are located at relatively low heights compared to stand-alone towers,” Melanie A. Bachman, executive director and staff attorney for the siting council told the Bulletin. “Topography and development (buildings and other structures) are major factors in the extent of coverage,” Bachman said.

The following are Wilton’s cell installations as listed by the Bulletin:

  • 128 Mather Street, self-supporting lattice, 180 feet.
  • 15 Old Danbury Road, self-supporting lattice, 124 feet.
  • 160 Deer Run Road, power mount supporting lattice, 118 feet.
  • 187 Danbury Road, rooftop, 69 feet.
  • 24.5 Richdale Road, wood pole, 71 feet.
  • 27 Cannon Road, power mount, 100 feet.
  • 287 Danbury Road, power mount, 131 feet.
  • 387 Danbury Road, self-supporting lattice, 98 feet.
  • 46 Fernwood Road, self-supporting lattice, 180 feet.
  • 50 Danbury Road, flagpole on building, 87 feet.
  • 707 Ridgefield Road, rooftop, 35 feet.
  • Chestnut Hill Road, power mount, 100 feet.
  • Rivergate Road, power mount, 100 feet.
  • Pimpewaug Road, power mount, 105 feet.

April 10, 2018

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