Wireless and Telecom to Grow


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Wireless industry analyst, Jeff Kagan, recently penned a column regarding AT&T and the future of the company, along with the wireless and telecom industries. “Growth will continue for AT&T and in fact the entire sector, but the path of that growth will expand within the wireless and telecom sector, and into new industries as well,” acceding to Kagan. “The kind of change I see is huge, and the kind of growth opportunity is also huge. The next several years could be very transformative for companies like AT&T, the entire telecom and wireless industry, and many other industries as well. As other industries change, they will move toward the wireless world. That is a huge opportunity for carriers like AT&T Mobility and equipment makers as well.” With the demand for mobile data, the need for network expansion has grown dramatically over the past few years. The more people rely on their mobile technology, the more these industries will grow. “So 2015 and beyond looks like a strong time of growth for the entire wireless and wire line space where AT&T is a leader. It looks like they will be in the center of many important industry changes, as well as expanding into other industries,” Kagan noted.

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