CBA Insider Talks to Inside Towers About the C-Band Plan


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As head of Advocacy & Government Relations for the C-Band Alliance, Peter Pitsch has a front row seat to the fierce debate going on right now over the future of C-band spectrum. Pitsch leads the CBA’s advocacy program, working with government agencies and Capitol Hill to ensure stakeholders understand why the satellite companies behind the alliance believe their proposal is the quickest way to make mid-band spectrum available to enable the deployment of 5G services and protect incumbent operators.

He tells Inside Towers Washington Bureau Chief Leslie Stimson in a podcast why the alliance believes it can re-purpose at least 200 MHz of C-band spectrum, and how it’s working to increase that amount. Pitsch worked at the FCC under two chairmen, and says the spectrum ideas formed back then inform the debates playing out now.

Listen to the Inside Towers podcast on our website, Spotify or iTunes.

October 9, 2019

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