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By Alyssa Stahr – Inside Towers Special Correspondent

Allfasteners LogoOwned and operated by Melbourne, Australia’s Strange family since 1994, Allfasteners provides quality products and innovation for the ever-changing tower industry. The company began as a supplier of fasteners for location construction and manufacturing markets. It is now a tower-specific solutions company and has expanded with U.S. locations in Ramsey, NJ, Media, OH, Los Angeles, CA, and Gothenburg, NE.

Allfasteners-GLUEMarketing Manager Brittany Carmichael has been with Allfasteners for about five years. Carmichael said Allfasteners has expanded many of its offerings at customers request, and the company has gone down a path it never originally thought it would take.

“We’ve been working on several things that we feel are going to speed up the installation process,” Carmichael said. “We’ve given options that eliminate some of the onsite welding. Not only does that save time, but also it’s a big safety feature.”

Additionally, the company is working on cutting down time spent for customers, offering turnkey packages to pare down dealing with multiple people, suppliers and shipments. Always looking for ways to improve and tackling problems before they evolve into something bigger, Allfasteners developed and produced the NexGen2 blind bolt assembly and started developing products to further accommodate the upgrading of cell towers. Two of those items are an epoxy for deep anchor rods and a hole roughener, which is a product that works along with the epoxy. 

“We’ve come up with a complete system, so there’s a guarantee that there will be no failure on the anchor rods; when they do the pull testing it will be successful. The reason we’ve done that is because a lot of our products we’ve come up with are based on our conversations with customers, hearing their feedback on where they’re having trouble or things that slow down the process when they’re on the job,” Carmichael said. “We don’t just come up with the products, but the tools that go along with it.”

Allfasteners takes pride in having certified welders on staff, providing high-quality service from order through take-off, to the finished material.

“Our focus is on the tower industry, so it’s not like we’re tacking this on to another thing that we’re doing,” Carmichael said. “We’ve evolved into being tower industry specific. We’ve made changes within our team so that we’re able to do the things that are necessary when working on tower industry jobs. We do the due diligence so that it makes it a streamlined process for our customers as well. We understand their needs and we work with people who actually specify our products.”

Allfasteners also debuted a new digital marketing launch in May, complete with the new, informational AF Tower website that is specific to the products the company offers the industry. The website highlights the product range, includes videos and installation guides, and describes Allfasteners’ solution offerings. Engineers and people on the job can go to the site for answers product details, as well as quote requests.

“We’re going to be continually adding to it and developing new things as always,” Carmichael said. “Everything is about what’s going to happen next. It’s not really about things staying the same, that’s for sure. I don’t think I’ve ever been anywhere where the industry has moved and changed so quickly.”

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