AT&T Preps For Comic-Con With COWs And COLTs


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spidermanComic-Con is coming to San Diego later this week, and with that, AT&T is bringing in help that sounds more like it belongs on the farm than relieving mobile data needs.

More than 100,000 people are expected at the event, according to Times of San Diego, so AT&T is rolling in a cell on light truck (COLT) at the San Diego Convention Center, a COW (cell on wheels) in the Gaslamp Quarter, a distributed antenna system (DAS) network inside the Hilton Bayfront Hotel and cell sites inside the convention center. Additionally, the Times noted, AT&T also is providing free WiFi for crowds inside the convention center.

Since 2011, Comic-Con data usage has grown almost 700 percent, with last year’s attendees using more than 15.3 terabytes of mobile data, according to the Times.

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