CA Man Arrested for Allegedly Threatening to Kill Pai’s Family

The FBI arrested a California man for allegedly threatening to kill FCC Chairman Ajit Pai’s children. The Department of Justice said the man made threats because of Pai’s role in the Commission’s repeal of Net Neutrality rules put in place by the Obama Administration.

Thirty-three-year-old Markara Man of Norwalk, CA, allegedly sent three emails to Pai in December, according to court documents. The first message accused the Chairman of being responsible for a child who allegedly had committed suicide because of the repeal of net neutrality regulations. The second email listed three locations in or around the northern Virginia town where Pai lives, and threatened to kill his family members, according to the DOJ. The third email included an image depicting Chairman Pai and, a framed photograph of Pai and his family.

The FBI traced the email address used to send the threats, [email protected], to an IP address associated with Man’s house; he admitted sending the emails and told authorities he was “angry” about Net Neutrality and wanted to “scare” Pai, according to the Affidavit. 

Man is charged with “threatening to murder a member of the immediate family of a U.S. official with the intent to intimidate or interfere with such official while engaged in the performance of official duties, or with the intent to retaliate against such official on account of the performance of official duties,” stated the DOJ. If convicted, Man faces a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison.  

Pai has repeatedly said that net neutrality activists have targeted him and his family for harassment, reported The Washington Post. The FCC declined to comment on the charges against Man. Leading up to the December vote, Pai said the protests targeting his family and their home “crossed a line.” He has canceled numerous appearances because of security concerns.

July 3, 2018


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