Cambium Networks Releases CBRS Wireless Broadband Connectivity Platform


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Cambium Networks, (NASDAQ: CMBM) highlighted availability of the PMP 450 Platform in the Citizens Band Radio Service (CBRS) spectrum. The PMP 450 fixed wireless broadband product enables service providers to extend connectivity using the dynamic spectrum sharing system. The company says the PMP 450 fixed wireless platform is currently the only purpose-built fixed point-to-multipoint broadband technology approved for use in the CBRS band and therefore the only alternative to deploying complex LTE technology.

“The imminent availability of CBRS spectrum is creating new opportunities for fixed wireless service providers,” said Bob Laliberte, Senior Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group. “Service providers of all sizes are looking to leverage CBRS to enhance existing services and introduce new fixed wireless broadband services to better support residential, enterprise, government and industrial networking applications.”

“Spectrum availability is one of the top constraints affecting wireless service providers,” said Scott Imhoff, Senior Vice President of Product Management for Cambium Networks. “CBRS unlocks a large block of spectrum for broad commercial use.” Key achievements of the PMP 450 platform include:

  1. FCC Part 96 Compliance of installed base: Network Operators currently using Cambium Network’s 3 GHz PMP 450 represent one of the largest installed bases of FCC Part 90 compliant equipment but are presently limited to the use of the 50 MHz of the agency’s 3 GHz Part 90 spectrum. The entirety of the 3GHz PMP 450 equipment portfolio has been certified by the Commission to meet the FCC’s Part 96 standards, as required by CBRS.
  2. Rapid deployment and revenue recognition: Upon release of CBRS by the FCC, network operators can immediately use the full 150 MHz of CBRS spectrum with their existing PMP 450 installed network following an automated over-the-air software upgrade, administered by Cambium Networks’ cnMaestro management platform.
  3. Proven technology: Cambium Networks is pleased with the ability of its PMP 450m, exercising field proven cnMedusa™ Massive MU-MIMO technology with adaptive beamforming capabilities, which has now been extended to deliver high spectral efficiency and bandwidth using the CBRS shared access spectrum.

“Our field trial on several locations verified the range, throughput, and performance,” said Amplex Internet CEO Mark Radabaugh. “We now have a way to migrate our existing network to the CBRS band and take advantage of additional spectrum without a wholesale change of equipment. Based on this, we plan to expand our network to new customers using this spectrum.”

PMP 450 is now available for ordering through Cambium Networks resellers and is certified to the FCC’s CBRS Part 96 rules in addition to the existing Part 90 rules in place. A firmware upgrade to open up the full 150 MHz of CBRS will be published upon the FCC’s release of CBRS.

August 6, 2019     

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