Can THOR Save Vail’s Broadband Future?


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UPDATE Recently, the Vail Town Council heard a presentation from the Northwest Colorado Council of Governments regarding Project THOR, a regional effort to improve broadband service in the region, reported Vail Daily. After the presentation, council members then voted unanimously to participate.

THOR aims to reach approximately 20 percent of the state’s land mass and serve about 230,000 people, using fiber-optic cable owned by the Colorado Department of Transportation.

According to Nate Walowitz, the council of governments’ regional broadband program director, THOR got started with a $1 million infrastructure grant from the Colorado Department of Local Affairs; local governments will need to provide funds to support the project. Walowitz noted the project would be “revenue neutral” in its first few years. Continue Reading

In Vail, that means the town will pay $75,000 in start-up costs, along with about $7,900 per month, reported Vail Daily.

According to T.J. Johnson, Vail’s information technology director, once in place, the system will boost speeds for residents, and it will enable carriers to provide 5G service. “The long-term benefits are pretty extensive,” Johnson added.  Comments? Email Us.

May 3, 2019

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