City Council Unanimously OK’s New Tower…As Long As It’s Not Shiny


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Waynesboro‘s planning commission unanimously recommended approval of a proposal by Apex Towers, LLC, to construct a 164-foot tower on a 45-foot by 45-foot compound, reported the News Leader. The new structure will sit beside the Norfolk Southern tower, the only other existing tower visible on Waynesboro’s eastern horizon. According to city director of planning Luke Juday, the new structure will feature a non-shiny, dull galvanized steel finish, making it less visible than the existing Norfolk Southern tower, but still “very visible at several locations around town.”

Visibility is the only cited drawback of the proposed tower, which will sit in a densely-forested area; the pros of bringing better service to area residents seem to far outweigh the one con. Five wireless service providers can potentially tap into the new tower to provide better coverage and eventually usher in 5G service.

The unanimous recommendation comes with one caveat, that the construction company not disturb the vegetation around the tower site during or after construction. Dale Hill, project manager for Apex Towers told the News Leader the installation timetable is slated for late summer to early fall and once begun, should only take two weeks to complete. “We feel that we’re addressing a real problem for the city of Waynesboro,” he said. “We look at this as a great asset for you all.”

Waynesboro City Council still must approve a conditional use permit request and will vote on the matter during its next regularly scheduled meeting.

May 12, 2017      

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