CityScape Scapegoated For Delay in Sedona


In Monday’s issue of Inside Towers, the article Monopine For the Win As Verizon Fills a Coverage Gap in Sedona was about project delays and sources within the story singled out CityScape as one of the causes of the slow pace.

Jonathan Edwards, Principal Engineer at CityScape saw otherwise. “CityScape always strives to ensure it is not the source of any delays, indeed applicants often comment on how efficient and quick we respond,” Edwards said.  “The real issue is almost every time we receive applications that are incomplete or missing vital information.”

“We are required by federal law (47 USC Section 1455) to notify an applicant within 30 days if their application is incomplete. In some states, the timeline is shorter because of state law,” Edwards said.  “Once the application is deemed complete (everything required by state or the local Ordinance is received), we typically finish our review in less than two weeks.”

“Regarding the Sun State Towers/Verizon application for a new monopine at 110 Indian Cliff Drive in Sedona, the application on initial receipt was found to have a lack of final location approval by the Tribal Authority,” he said.  “Following back and forth correspondence with the Applicant’s third party representative, who repeatedly advised that they were awaiting information from Verizon, the City eventually requested the third party representative to put the application on hold until they could obtain the information and Tribal Approval that was necessary to proceed.”

Edwards provided Inside Towers with a detailed timeline of where the delays occurred that were beyond their control.  [Inside Towers regrets not contacting CityScape for an initial response to the article but is none-the-less impressed by the variety of potential roadblocks that people throughout our industry overcome on a daily basis. Ed.]

April 5, 2018

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