First Responders Urge Speedy Construction for a New Cell Tower


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Although construction has yet to begin, the Lewistown, New York Town Board took the recommendation of the Lewistown Police Department and approved plans to construct a new emergency radio tower, reports Lewistown-Porter Sentinel. Calling a new tower “essential,” Police Chief Frank Previte told the Sentinel, “We even had an issue [recently] with one officer in the front yard, and one in the backyard, and they can’t talk to each other on the radio. That’s an issue. They can’t talk to dispatch. If something went wrong, they can’t call for help.” 

Thanks to the Town Board’s approval, “Chapter 30 – Towers” has been amended to allow the construction of a lattice tower on Highway Department grounds. Allowances will also be made for vehicles that will need to use the access roads to the site. Supervisor Steve Broderick noted that the Lewistown Police Department was eager to get the new tower in place and hoped to see it erected by the end of November. 

Councilman John Jacoby told the Sentinel, “We had a lot of hands in this pot. We got the county, we got the sheriffs, we got all these people in there; we’re trying to accommodate a new building being built at the same time, and a roadway, and there’s a lot of stuff involved. So, if there’s anyone who looks like a chicken with their head cut off, it’s me, not the rest of these people up here. It’s kind of my first go at something like this.” 

November 14, 2019

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