Procrastination Wins the Day for AT&T Tower Approval


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On Tuesday, the Greene County Commission (Missouri) tabled a motion for the second time regarding an AT&T application to build a 250-foot tower. However, per Missouri law, the application is considered approved if the commission doesn’t make a decision within 120 days, reported the Springfield News-Leader.

According to AT&T, the tower is needed to improve service in the area for residents and meet the needs of first responders. 

Neighbors, on the other hand, believe the tower will threaten their safety, scenery, and property values. They also inquired as to why AT&T could not simply co-locate on an existing tower.

Mike Haynes, AT&T Missouri’s regional director of external affairs, said the proposed location for the new tower would extend current coverage a mile south of the existing tower. Commissioners were unmoved by Haynes’ presentation, per the News-Leader.

“We really don’t have any authority because of state law, to turn this down,” said Commissioner Harold Bengsch. “If we turn this down, it’s going to go anyway. Maybe we should take no action and let the state approve it.”

November 14, 2019

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