GreenLancer Brings Order to the Chaos of Site Build Outs With G-force™


GreenLancer, knows a dynamic industry in high demand when it sees one. The company has serviced over 100,000 projects for the solar market since 2012, and has seen the inefficiencies and bottlenecks that can be the result of a quickly growing industry. When they took a look at the tower market a year ago at the request of a telecom company, they recognized another industry that needed help bringing thousands of build out projects to fruition, in a short amount of time. They quickly followed that by creating G-force, the world’s first On-Demand catalog of A/E services for Turf Vendors and Telecom Construction Firms. The portal they designed is a single, integrated, proprietary platform, designed to standardize workflows and manage the delivery of A/E services.

Patrick McCabe, GreenLancer’s President, said the design and engineering work flows in the solar market and the tower industry have much in common. G-force’s portal, a revised version of the proven business model used by the solar sector, delivers, “more sites at a faster clip” to Turf Vendors while providing a larger pool of services on demand.

“We can process a thousand sites at a time,” McCabe said. By using templates furnished by the likes of AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Crown Castle and U.S. Cellular, G-force users can upload their project data, pick the services they need, and start getting quotes right away. In addition, they can monitor the progress, timing and assignment of each step in the process by using a single dashboard and set of key performance indicators such as turn-around time.

Jay Stewart, Account Director, is the point man for developing G-force as a telecom tool and says their system is up to the task of serving the fast-paced tower market 365 days a year, 24 hours a day in all 50 states and U.S. territories. Stewart said with 3,000-plus contractors using their cloud-based platform and 500-plus design and engineering contractors on as well, they are capable of handling batch uploads of 1,000 projects at a time.

“We are connecting demand with capacity,” Stewart said. In short, he said, G-force can help a Turf Vendor or tower construction firm grow faster, control costs and deliver on-time while keeping track of all the work being performed from any connected device.

The G-force team doesn’t stop there, according to Stewart.

“We monitor the fulfillment partner’s work and delivery from start to finish on our platform,” he said, noting that all work is executed to standard scope and carrier-specific templates.  “Fulfillment partners are held accountable to make sure the scopes are met and delivered on-schedule,” Stewart said. “Our team closely monitors service delivery times, quality, and customer satisfaction using our cloud-based dashboards.”

Given their background and track record, it’s clear why the sun is always shining on GreenLancer’s projects. For more information, visit or contact Jay Stewart, Account Director at and (866) 470-6545.

May 15, 2019

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