Long Island Village Looking for Good Counsel


“What’s going to happen here is we will hopefully end up with fewer towers and better locations,” Plandome Board of Trustees Member Andrew Bartels told The Island Now.  “That’s all we’re going to end up with. We’re not going to get rid of them.” Bartel’s village of Plandome is looking for good advice and legal representation as ExteNet Systems hopes to install small cell sites in the Long Island town.

Illinois-based ExteNet wants to install 66 nodes in nearby North Hempstead with nine of the nodes in Plandome and in the surrounding areas, according to The Island Now.

The Village Trustees expressed concerned that if approved, it could open the floodgates to more buildout from more carriers.  Although the town is looking for additional legal representation, Plandome Manor has hired Yonkers-based Center for Municipal Solutions. 

Albert Tagliaferri from CMS talked to the Board last week hoping to “level the playing field for communities in their dealings with telecommunications service providers and applicants.”  His firm helps by “reviewing applications from wireless providers, representing municipalities and helping to revise local ordinances on telecommunications.”

Tagliaferri told The Island Now, his company would want to see ExteNet’s reasoning behind each small cell placement along with its signal test data and readings. He said this information could be used to lobby for fewer sites overall.

February 7, 2018   

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