Narda Selective Radiation Meter Monitors New 5G NR EMF Requirements


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EMF test and measurement manufacturer, Narda, announced yesterday its Selective Radiation Meter SRM-3006, can be operated by end-users for code-selective measurements of 5G signals. The company is offering a software option for the SRM-3006 to enable code-selective measurement of 5G signals in frequency range 1 (FR1). This is similar to the software options for UMTS and LTE. The hardware of the industry standard instrument for standard-compliant selective detection and evaluation of high frequency electromagnetic fields (EMF) remains unchanged. 

There is a newly developed downconverter antenna for the upper frequency range FR2 (> 24 GHz). Work on this new antenna, which in the initial phase will be designed for up to 30 GHz (40 GHz in the second phase), will be completed shortly. The antenna will downconvert the upper 5G FR2 frequency band to enable the SRM to show the correct frequency easily. The SRM can already make frequency selective measurements on 5G signals perfectly. With code selective measurement and frequency extension to FR2, the SRM is the all-round carefree package for complete measurements concerning safety in electromagnetic fields. 

Germany and many other countries require evaluation of the maximum possible exposure level when assessing emissions. Where this worst-case scenario cannot be realized in practice, regulations prescribe the use of suitable procedures to extrapolate the instantaneous emission to the required maximum value (the regulation known as 26. BImschV in Germany is an example of this). The SRM with code selective measurement already possesses precisely this internationally recognized technology that allows such extrapolation for UMTS and LTE. This means that the measurements are independent of the actual load on the system under test, and the results are unambiguous because they describe the highest possible exposure level. Also, these measurements can often be performed without information from the system operator, which further enhances the independence of the results. 

The SRM handles both frequency selective and code selective measurement, and focuses exclusively on the areas that are needed for EMF measurements concerned with safety and personal protection. One of its unique qualities is that it provides the features that are needed in practice. Technicians can get started with measuring using the SRM without having to input much. The instrument automatically generates a clear and concise list with all the data that the test engineer needs for the evaluation. Not more, and certainly not less.

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