New Tower Designed to Go Off the Grid


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Unfettered by a web of cables and power lines, a wind turbine-powered cell tower has been designed to operate in any location, according to a company announcement. After 11 years of research, Aradatum is ready to put its new design to work, relying on renewable energy and storage, making it easier to deliver internet services to people in remote areas.

Aradatum is a spin-off of parent company Clean Green Energy (CGE). CGE specializes in self-powered infrastructure technology; Aradatum is the company’s venture into the cell tower arena.

“Our brand is focused in two specific areas,” said Aradatum President Larry Leete. “Our first focus is bringing communications and connectivity to areas that don’t have access to broadband, especially in those environments that are off the traditional path in more rural and suburban areas. Our second area of focus,” he continued, “is supporting and enhancing the next generation of applications that will drive digital transformation.”

The self-powered cell towers should be able to process LTE, 5G, CBRS, private networks, FWA, neutral host applications, and edge computing functions. “Our towers completely redefine where a cell tower can go and how they’re powered,” said Paul Schneider, VP of Marketing and Business Development. “Energy is the highest of all operating expenses for telecom businesses today. As more and more MNOs and MVNOs are looking towards ‘green power,’ we designed our self-powered macro-towers to meet this need.”

After making this announcement, CGE and Aradatum indicated that additional information would be available through a new connectivity-focused website set to launch in the near future.  Watch the video here

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