PolyPhaser: Defend Your Investment with Surge Protection Solutions


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For over four decades, PolyPhaser has worked to become the authority on lightning and surge protection, leading the market with its patented RF protection solutions, specifically supporting communications systems. The company is also committed to a sense of urgency, providing innovative lightning and surge protection solutions for RF applications that ensure reliable operation of critical systems for a connected world.

According to the National Lightning Safety Institute, 30 percent of all power outages annually are lightning related and cost up to $1 billion.

“Our proprietary surge protection products protect critical electrical and communication assets from malfunction and downtime,” said Dan Rebeck, PolyPhaser Product Line Manager. “Our goal is to help clients minimize damage from weather-related and other ambient threats.”

Since power strikes can stem from network issues, equipment malfunctions, or any number of anomalies and cause permanent damage, PolyPhaser offers services to prevent disasters that impact the reliability and productivity of sensitive electronics used in mission-critical communications.

Services include:

  • Grounding and Site Audits
  • Consulting
  • Training

An INFINITE brand, PolyPhaser offers advanced RF, and high-speed data and signal protection engineered to meet critical global standards including IEC, IEEE, and CE. PolyPhaser’s RF surge protection portfolio of customized integrated solutions to protect critical equipment from damage and loss of downtime includes:

  • DC Block
  • DC Pass
  • Ultra-Low PIM
  • HEMP (High-Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse) Tested™

Various industries use PolyPhaser products, including telecommunications, first responders, military, rail, medical, and energy. The company works with clients both domestically and internationally plus offers online ordering and same-day shipping.

“We have highly qualified technical sales and engineering teams that design, develop and manufacture quality RF surge protection solutions to meet our clients’ specific needs,” said Rebeck. “We work with clients on a project from inception to completion, ensuring we exceed performance and quality standards, plus meet deadlines and budgetary expectations.”

PolyPhaser products also prevent HEMP (High Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse) threats. Using innovative filter technology, PolyPhaser’s HEMP Tested RF products, systems, and solutions are engineered to address the EMP protection requirements for civil infrastructure networks. “Our company has an entire product portfolio called ‘HEMP Tested’ High-Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse to provide EMP protection,” added Rebeck.

PolyPhaser, an Infinite Electronics brand, is a global company with locations in the United States (Hayden, Idaho), Europe (United Kingdom), Australia, and China (Suzhou). To learn more about PolyPhaser or to contact a representative, visit https://www.polyphaser.com/.

By Keara Piekanski for Inside Towers

May 29, 2019

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