Proposed 120-Foot Pole Unnerves Macon Residents


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Mobilitie is proposing to erect three poles in the Macon (GA) market and several residents are already up in arms about the plans. That’s even before the tower builder has had a chance to explain what it proposes to do, reports The Telegraph.

Dozens of concerned residents and business owners complained to the Macon-Bibb Engineering Department after seeing a sign in Ingleside Village requesting comments about building a proposed 120-foot tower. Mobilitie is also proposing to erect two 75-foot poles downtown, according to the account.

The Telegraph asked Mobilitie the purpose of the poles; the company responded they’re to support small cells to help “wireless carriers increase their cell service quickly, easily and affordably,” without the need to install much larger towers.  

The company is set to explain its technology to the local county commission on September 13. All of the poles would be located on public rights of way and since there’s no set process for approving or rejecting such an application, one would need to be developed, according to the account.

That means all sides could be in for a long process.  A spokesman for the Georgia Municipal Association tells The Telegraph that Mobilitie has filed many applications to erect poles in rights of way across the state. So far “not one city has said that they welcome the installation of a 120-foot pole,” since cell phone reception is reportedly sufficient in many instances, according to a GMA spokesman.

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