SBA Edges Ahead with Acquisition of JaxNap


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SBA Communications is forging ahead into edge computing with the acquisition of Jacksonville “carrier hotel,” JaxNAP. 

JaxNAP, a 280,000 square foot, 14-megawatt facility provides regional co-location and interconnection services, including subsea cable telecommunications companies and approximately 20 fiber providers. The building houses the Jacksonville Internet Exchange, and connects to three subsea cable systems – America Movil Submarine Cable System-1, CONFLUENCE-1 and the Pacific Caribbean Cable System. 

With an inventory of 8,000 “pre-qualified tower sites” in the U.S., SBA plans to establish a distributed computing network with its recently launched SBA Edge Platform. 

According to Data Center Frontier, SBA installed its first edge module at the base of a telecom tower in Foxborough, Massachusetts, where it houses bare metal cloud provider Packet.

“These tower edge data centers will provide co-location options for customers computing infrastructure with connectivity to a larger metro data center for internet or private network connectivity,” said SBA President/CEO Jeff Stoops. 

Stoops told Data Center Frontier the acquisition will hopefully give the company the operational understanding of data transmission and connectivity across different networks, from “large storage to moderate size and then ultimately out to the edge.”

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