Second Time’s a Charm for Duxbury Tower


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After a ten year wait, Duxbury (MA) might finally get a cell tower, reported the Duxbury Clipper. In 2011, a tower project was approved for the same location that Vertex Telecommunications is eying for a new 120-foot monopole project. However, the former project never came to fruition as the permits expired before the tower could be built.

Now, there’s a second coming for better coverage in Duxbury. Last week, the ZBA reviewed the Vertex tower proposal, which would allow for co-location. According to Vertex’s attorney Francis Parisi, the telecom is requesting two variances, one to bypass the town’s 100-foot limit on tower height and the other that requires a tower to be at least 120 feet from a lot line.

“We know we found the best location because the town approved it 10 years ago,” Parisi said. He noted the new plan is the same as the old one, except the tower would be 20 feet taller. 

Parisi added that the tower needs to be higher than allowed “because of changes in technology.” The additional height will enable Vertex to accommodate all potential customers, reported the Clipper. Parisi also noted Vertex is agreeable to restricting it from increasing the tower height in the future, a ZBA member concern.

Although there was no opposition to the tower, the ZBA needs time to review materials supplied by Vertex. The public hearing date is scheduled for June 25.

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