Residents Claim a Tower is Making Them Sick


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Residents of Petaluma Avenue Homes in Califronia have voiced their concerns to city council members since August 2018, regarding a perceived health crisis due to the proximity of a Crown Castle cell tower located near their homes.

Resident Connie Vondralee addressed the council, asking for help to get the cell tower moved or removed, reported Sonoma West Times & News. Since the apartment complex sits between at least four towers, Vondralee noted that residents “are right in the center of all that activity and we are getting it [RF] because we are on the hill. 

In the ten years I have lived there, five people have died. Their deaths have been from cancer, heart failure, crippling osteoporosis, and diabetes,” she added.

The News reported other residents spoke about their ongoing health issues and the cancer cases that plague their community. Vondralee said 12 residents are facing current health issues, including breast and ovarian cancers. Although public comments are being heard, City Attorney/Manager Larry McLaughlin said the city has no jurisdiction over the cell tower, and only holds jurisdiction over the use permit itself, which was granted in 2017.

Both the tower owner Crown Castle, and AT&T, which leases space on the tower, said the city has no jurisdiction on the matter and the tower is in full compliance with all applicable laws.

The council made a motion to send a letter to the health care district where the tower sits, asking to move the cell tower 1,500 feet away from apartments and raise its height by 150 feet.  Comments? Email Us.

December 14, 2018

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