Tower Masters Series Opens With John Paleski of Subcarrier Communications


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Inside Towers begins a new series of Tower Talks podcasts by focusing on the men and women who, for decades, have not only survived, but thrived as independent operators in the wireless infrastructure field. “Tower Masters” is an apt term for those who have seen “all the Gs,” the rise of the big towercos, the merger of carriers, the influx of new technologies, new FCC rules and, yet, have kept building towers through it all.

John Paleski, Founder and CEO of Subcarrier Communications, is the epitome of an independent tower builder, with over 300 macro towers and 800 rooftop leases to his name, and an unquestionable master of his trade. Join John and Inside Towers Managing Editor Jim Fryer as they discuss the unique and candid perspective from, for lack of a better term, “the middle tier” of tower providers. How have they survived the consolidations in both the tower and carrier sector and how do they view the future of the market? Listen in on this lively half-hour discussion between two long-time acquaintances in the industry. Available on our website, Spotify, Amazon and iTunes.

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