Wireless Applications Corp.


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By Eleanor Snite
Inside Towers Special Correspondent

Eric Wills, CEO
Jennifer Patterson, Sales and Product Support Manager

wireless applicationsWireless Applications Corp. provides products and services for cellular, PCS and broadband wireless industries, including wireless and tower companies. The products include online telecom software, high-level radio frequency engineering, FAA and FCC filing services and GIS Consulting services. The bottom line – it is a software and services company.

“We serve all across the portions of the wireless industry,” said Jennifer Patterson, sales and product support manager for Wireless Applications. “That includes the tier 1 network, mid-level private companies and tower site owners. We help them with their FAA regulatory services and analysis work.”

Eric Wills, CEO of Wireless Applications, saw a need for a web-based software system that would allow engineers and others to go logon and access the info they need to build networks more efficiently. With the new system clients can expedite their solutions and applications quicker and add a high level of details. Services include training and troubleshooting, which are all on the software site.

“All crucial information is included in that and clients can have it all at their fingertips,” Patterson said. “They don’t have to go to different sources to find the information. We try to make our software system easy for any user.”

Clients are helped to improve network performance, expand system coverage, build portfolios, raise capital, alleviate design-to-build-out time demands and manage trouble ticketing.

Wireless Applications primarily services private companies in the United States and Puerto Rico, but also has customers in South America and Europe, and works with government entities as well. The software company is based in Bellevue, WA, and was established in 1999.

For additional details, Wireless Applications, Corp.

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