Creating a Safety Culture in Telecom


A strong safety culture is an environment where safety is a priority for all members of an organization. It is not simply a set of policies and procedures, but rather a shared commitment that is embraced and prioritized by everyone in the organization. “We’re too busy right now,” or, “We’re too slow right now and money is tight,” are common excuses for not prioritizing safety training. All staff should be held accountable for their actions and be encouraged and rewarded for taking responsibility for their safety and the safety of those around them, according to eSystem Training Solutions, an organization that provides training to meet the needs of the telecom construction industry. eSystem says creating a strong safety culture however can be accomplished in three easy steps.

The first step in creating a strong safety culture is establishing an environment where safety is valued. This includes providing the necessary resources such as safety training, detailed job-planning, and providing proper personal protective equipment. Creating a culture of respect for safety rules and regulations and taking the time to discuss safety issues with employees is extremely beneficial, according to the company.

The second step is to ensure that everyone understands the hazards associated with working on towers and worksites and how to find the company’s preferred method of mitigation. This is often found in the Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) Policy manual. It is imperative that this manual be readily available for all employees and that it includes guidance on the work processes and scope of work generally performed by the contractor.

The third step is reinforcement and mentorship. This includes conducting regular safety inspections, conducting safety audits, and providing feedback to employees on any safety issues that arise. It also means providing incentives to employees who follow safety protocols and taking disciplinary action against those who do not.

It has been proven that companies with a strong safety culture tend towards more efficient and higher-quality production. If you’d like to set goals to improve safety culture in your organization, contact eSystem Training Solutions. It offers services in HSE creation and revision, training courses, and a host of other options to help cultivate an environment of safety responsibility.

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