Historic District Grudgingly Accepts New Tower…and $1,500 Per Month


On February 5, the Kirtland, OH City Council approved a Northstar Towers LLC application to install a 190-foot monopole behind Kirtland City Hall, according to The News-Herald. In addition to improved cellular service across the city, the agreement nets the city $1,500 per month from anchor tenant Verizon Wireless, and the city stands to earn an additional $825 per month from potential co-locators.  Mayor Doug Davidson said the unanimous vote came after public hearings were held to gauge public opinion and modifications to the application were made by the Planning and Zoning Commission to minimize the visual impact of the proposed tower.

Some residents oppose the tower’s installation in the Historic Town Center District, designated in 2005 and updated in 2010 in a zoning referendum, due to aesthetic concerns. “I don’t believe the Historic District designation and any design cues or requirements therein apply to a utility such as this,” Mayor Davidson told The News-Herald.

In addition to having the tower site far from the road, the Planning and Zoning Commission took great care to modify the application to alleviate residents’ aesthetic concerns, according to The News-Herald. Parts of the tower will be screened, a 12-foot by 20-foot pad with a canopy for equipment will be installed, and the tower will not require lighting at 199-feet tall. The project will also undergo historical and environmental reviews as it moves forward. Northstar Towers President Jesse Styles estimated the project will be completed sometime next year.

February 9, 2018

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