Join Jonathan and Jim at the Wireless Water Cooler


To celebrate and continue the conversation that has occurred around the long-time office staple, the water cooler, WIA’s President and CEO Jonathan Adelstein and Inside Towers’ Managing Editor Jim Fryer will launch the first episode of their new monthly podcast series centered on industry discussion – The Wireless Water Cooler.

“We want to cover issues that are big, small, and off the beaten path,” Fryer said. “And keep it in an informal, lively, and conversational tone. In later podcasts, we may include some special guests to interview and grill them…nicely…on issues that are percolating at the time.”

“There are so many reasons that this is the perfect time to roll in The Wireless Water Cooler. There is so much to discuss in the industry right now. At a time when in-office conversations are scarce, we’re excited for this chance to discuss the latest developments that affect the wireless infrastructure business,” said Adelstein. “Grab a cup, and listen in.”

The podcast, a Tower Talks segment, will launch tomorrow and will run approximately 20-25 minutes. It will be available on the Inside Towers website, Spotify and iTunes.

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