Pro Panel Speaker Spotlight: Meet Jennifer Alvarez


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Jennifer Alvarez, CEO at Aurora Insight will be an Inside Towers Pro Panelist on Wednesday, January 27 at 2 pm ET (Register here.) Alvarez will share her insights around 5G infrastructure strategy, particularly as it relates to spectrum.

Aurora Insight provides accurate, impartial, data-driven insights regarding radio frequency spectrum.  Catering to infrastructure owners, network operators, IoT and wireless users and regulators and advisors, it measures, analyzes and reports on spectrum and wireless infrastructure, allowing organizations to realize opportunities, innovate, invest and move forward.

The company leverages several data capture methods, beginning with patented sensors that take trillions of radio frequency spectrum measurements which are translated into useful insights.

Alvarez co-founded Aurora Insight and started as the CTO in 2017. She led the development of the foundational technologies for sensing the radio frequency environment from land, air and space. She generated a strong IP portfolio in the areas of sensors, remote sensing, and next-generation processing algorithms.

Prior to co-founding Aurora Insight, Alvarez served in numerous roles at Southwest Research Institute beginning in 1992. Her most recent position was in Space Science and Engineering, where she led business development and new technology initiatives for commercial, civil, and national security space programs. This work built upon her previous experience as a Manager and a Principal Engineer in the Signal Exploitation and Geolocation Division, where she recruited and led multi-disciplinary project teams to develop innovative solutions in signal acquisition and processing. She began her career designing analog and digital electronics for aircraft system monitoring.

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