Safety LMS: Setting High Standards for Safety Training


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With over 40 years in telecom and 20 years as a professional tower safety and rescue instructor, JP Jones, Founder and President of Safety LMS, has continuously set high standards for safety, quality, and proficiency of performance in wireless telecom. Since 2011, Safety LMS has gone beyond the minimum regulations enforced by the industry to bring the most comprehensive training to students, their companies, and the industry at large, ensuring customers have everything they need to run a safe business.

On the foundation of its motto ‘Demand the Best,’ Safety LMS employs a roster of instructors who bring their own tower experience to their students. “These guys know their stuff and their biggest strength is that they either own or are actively employed in the field,” said Benjamin Bowman, Director of Marketing and Sales. “They are tower climbers. They teach based on their 10 to 20 years of real world experience and they demand the best from everyone who attends their courses.”

While demanding the best of their staff, Safety LMS equally demands the best when it comes to curriculum. On site and online classes cover an array of curriculum that meets OSHA standards and result in NWSA certifications for First Aid/CPR, OSHA 10 and 30-hour courses, RF Safety, Capstan Operations, and even UAS drone flight training. They are the only training company in the U.S. with the experience and knowledge to offer Gin Pole, and Base Mounted hoist operations classes or heavy lift helicopter external loads courses, explicitly built for FCC Broadcast Repack and Tall Tower work.

Headquartered in Austin, TX, Safety LMS has training centers across the U.S.:

  •         Atlanta, GA
  •         Columbia, MO
  •         Corona, CA
  •         Dallas, TX
  •         Pinckney, MI
  •         Salt Lake City, UT

Committed to providing access to the best training possible, Safety LMS believes that flexibility and solutions keep the industry moving forward. As COVID-19 rapidly caused human isolations and work-stoppages across the U.S., Safety LMS acted quickly to convert live training sessions into webinar format to ensure climbers receive the critical training they need without delay.

To combat the limitations faced by COVID-19, the company recently launched its Competent Rigging course in a webinar format. Keeping it as close to a live session as possible, web sessions are limited to 10 -15 students at one time.

“We recognized that the Competent Climber/Rescuer course was crucial to keeping the industry moving forward so we began offering our classroom portion via webinar. Students can then come to our training facility for the practical portion,” said Bowman. “Both ideas were launched to be able to limit total exposure time for the instructors and climbers. We’ve also employed extensive health safety standards to minimize the risk of virus exposure.”

Bowman continued, “Our focus is always on maintaining up-to-date curriculum and training procedures. Since classes need to happen, we’re pushing to stay ahead of the curve so the industry continues to move forward.

Safety LMS’s goal is to change the way the industry thinks about training. Jones is a member of the NATE (The Communications Infrastructure Contractors Association) Board of Directors and served on a committee that developed the ANSI A10.48 standard. Safety LMS was the first company to implement the new standard into industry curriculum. “All of our employees are eager to jump at an opportunity to help or volunteer within a committee or standards board,” said Bowman.

For more information about Safety LMS or to schedule training, visit

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