Sprinting to the Future


Sprint’s been in the news lately because of their holiday promotions, but the real news is that the carrier is working on completing their Network Vision initiative. Sprint currently covers 260 million people with its 1900 MHz LTE, and $92 million on the company’s swath of 2.5 GHz spectrum. Andrew Berg of Wireless Week, noted that Sprint CFO Joe Euteneuer gave a breakdown of the status of Sprint’s Network Vision initiative during a Bank of America investor conference on Tuesday. Euteneuer said that by year end, the carrier hopes to have fully 100 million people covered with its 800 MHz LTE deployment. “I think from a network standpoint we have been waiting to get to this point of having a network that is substantially complete,” Euteneuer said, adding that he expects the number of people covered by the 1900 MHz deployment to continue to rise. (Wireless Week) Sprint’s network coverage has often been a problem for the company with subscribers stating network coverage issues as the reason. “Much of the pain associated with upgrading the network is behind Sprint, and Euteneuer was upbeat about where things are headed. He cited reducing expenses and churn as the key goals for Sprint going forward,” Berg reported.

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