Wyoming County Not Worried About Influx of Towers


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The demand for easy communication is driving the rapid growth of cell towers in Carbon County. In quick succession, the county commission approved multiple special-use permits to build a new communications tower, as well as upgrade existing cell sites, at its meeting on October 17. According to the Rawlins Times, Sprint is the most recent carrier to propose a 120-foot tower in a residential zone near Sinclair.

Planning and Development Director Sid Fox said the planning commission does not have an issue with the dramatic increase in the number of towers in the area, even though he noted there are eight cell towers in place between Rawlins and Fort Steele along I-80. Commissioners have discussed the possibility of consolidating carriers to fewer towers, but Centerline Solutions Site Acquisition Specialist Josh Roberts said different frequencies require separate sites. He said, “They have different frequencies that we project. Verizon depends on the Verizon network and T-Mobile depends on theirs.”

While commissioners see no problem with the current number of proposed towers, it does not mean they plan to let the amount grow unchecked. The board plans to note how many new towers are constructed to keep them from proliferating unhindered.

October 23, 2017

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