FCC Seeks Input on 5G Cybersecurity Regs


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FCC_logoCybersecurity and industry coordination are part of what the FCC wants to see in industry 5G wireless infrastructure development projects.

That’s based on its request for comment out this week on a new set of proposed 5G rules. The agency seeks “performance requirements” for developers of internet-connected devices; those include the submission of a network security plan, reports fedscoop.com.

Cybersecurity issues must be addressed during the design phase for the 5G ecosystem, placing a “premium on collaboration” among stakeholders, states the commission. FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler confirmed in a recent National Press Club event that the agency prefers the industry develops cybersecurity standards “just as we have done in wired networks.”

As part of the cybersecurity strategy, the commission’s 5G application process will require companies to share threat intelligence and other data sharing programs.

The FCC seeks comment on proposed service rules to allow flexible fixed and mobile use above 24 GHz for Mobile Radio Services. According to a request for comment published this week in the Federal Register, the commission seeks public input on additional details of sharing arrangement adopted for the 37 GHz band and performance requirements for innovative uses such as Internet of Things (IoT) and machine-to-machine communications.

The agency also seeks comment on additional issues “relating to mobile spectrum holdings policies; whether antenna height limits are necessary in mmW bands; whether minimum bandwidth scaling factors are necessary for transmitter power limits; whether allowing higher Power Flux Density (PFD) levels for Fixed Satellite Service (FSS) in the 37 and 39 GHz bands would be consistent with terrestrial use of those bands; refining the coordination limits for point-to-point operations; and on sharing analysis and modeling.”

Comments are due by September 30, to GN Docket 14-177.

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