Google Fiber is Leaving Boston After Faring “Poorly”


Not only is Boston losing the Lombardi Trophy (editor’s note: “go Eagles”) but Google Fiber announced it is ending wireless home internet service in Boston and existing customers will lose their service sometime over the next several months. Ars Technica reported the service fared poorly in Boston but services in other locations are still going strong.

Google purchased Webpass in October 2016 to offer wireless service to Boston, but now it’s shutting down operations. It’s unknown how many customers are affected or what the specific end date is.

“As with any acquisition, we’ve spent some time evaluating the Webpass business. As a result of our analysis, we’ve made the decision to wind down Webpass operations in Boston,” according to a spokesperson. “We’ll work with customers and partners to minimize disruption, and there will be no immediate impacts to their Webpass service.”
As for other markets, there are seven where Webpass is still operating, including Chicago, Denver, Seattle, Oakland/East Bay, San Diego, San Francisco, and Miami. In 2017, Denver and Seattle were also added to the mix. Overall, Google Fiber offers internet service in 20 cities.

February 6, 2018

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