The LBA RF Safety One-Stop™ Center


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The LBA Group companies have formed an RF Safety One-Stop collaborative. Through the collaborative, LBA has brought together the expertise of four companies, with RF experience going back over 50 years. Pooling these resources through one interface, provides customers rapid and complete solutions to their RF safety concerns and obligations.

The LBA Group RF Safety One-Stop can quickly and efficiently solve these problems and more for its clients:

  • RF Surveys & Auditing: OSHA/FCC/NIER compliance, process hazards, radiated RF exposures; documentation and remediation.
  • RF Safety Training: Comprehensive personnel training with thousands trained in RF safety awareness and more. Bilingual training delivered on-line, 24/7 with customer management interfaces.
  • RF Safety Personal Protective Equipment: Major supplier of OSHA and Canada Code 6 compliant RF personal monitors including SafeOne® and FieldSENSE with in-house calibration services.
  • RF Survey Meter Systems: Test equipment for measuring, documenting, and controlling RF energy in cell sites, industrial workplaces, and public spaces.
  • Safety Signage and Access Control: OSHA-compliant signage and access control for RF hazard areas.
  • RF Shielding Solutions: Design and supply of shielding systems to contain or isolate RF energy in labs, buildings and workplaces.


“Our RF Safety One-Stop is a differentiator in the industry and we’re proud to be pioneering this concept. Compliance with RF safety norms is new and difficult for many industries, especially cellular,” said Lawrence Behr, LBA Group CEO. “The risks for exposure are higher for tower climbers and wireless technicians than they are for perhaps any other occupation. It’s so important for tower and cell techs to have proper training on RF safety, and for their employers to provide the tools to control RF exposure and keep them safe.” Continue Reading

The LBA Group companies have built a reputation within the RF safety sector over five decades. They have provided RF services to all major cellular carriers and tower companies, multiple governmental and military agencies, Fortune 500 companies and educational and research institutes.

“Our longevity in the industry is built on good people and great customer service from a top-notch staff who continuously innovate to better serve our clients. In that spirit, we now offer them all LBA Group RF safety expertise in one click,” said Behr.

For more information or to contact the LBA RF Safety One-Stop center, visit

The LBA Group, Inc. companies are based in Greenville, NC.  LBA is an award-winning minority small business. The group includes Lawrence Behr Associates, Inc., LBA Technology, Inc., and LBA University, Inc.

Published May 15, 2018

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