United Tower Alliance: Drone Inspections – The First National Solution!


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The United Tower Alliance (UTA) is comprised of 18 industry leading tower contractors. These local performance partners conduct detailed UAV tower inspections anywhere in the USA. The UTA provides local operators with a client centered single point of contact.

“The UTA was formed in 2017, because a group of industry experts wanted to bring high value to the telecommunications industry,” said Ean Mercer, Managing Partner. “Our professionals are world class firms whose operations are already trained to deliver tower services. We just added great useable data and consistent deliverables to their unparalleled safety.”

Why utilize UTA tower inspections? Our professional grade UAVs are faster, safer and more cost-effective when properly flown by a trained pilot. UTA’s operators can accomplish in hours what a traditional inspection might discover with two climbers doing a full day’s work.

“We wanted to provide a safe, efficient and cost-effective choice as a place to start your infrastructure checkup,” said Mercer. “We’re also committed to consistency. Whether a project is completed in Charlotte, Chicago or Chino, the deliverables are identical, never compromising quality.”

So, the UTA has local expertise and a national footprint? Yes! Each “local area” of the United States is cared for by seasoned wireless infrastructure firms with vast knowledge of the market and distinctive traits for that geography. In an emergency, a UTA partner can be onsite quickly, anywhere in the country. The company also offers a single point of contact for each customer to streamline the process.

“It’s really best of both worlds. Customers get a local professional who knows their area and navigates any quirks that arise. However, they still have direct access to the UTA NOC, so organizationally there’s a culture that demands delivery of a truly high-quality client experience,” said Mercer.

But anyone can fly a drone, right? “There are novice drone enthusiasts, but our belief is that much more training and experience is necessary to deliver a quality inspection report,” said Mercer.

That’s why all UAV Operators working with UTA are trained above and beyond the FAA’s Part 107 requirements. “Most organizations stop at Part 107, but that’s where we begin,” said Mercer. “Our pilots all receive specialized training that exceeds government standards and is tailored specifically for tower inspection flights.”

The company conducts rigorous advanced training through the UTA Flight Academy. In addition, all UTA Performance Partners are participants in the NATE/STAR® Initiative. Safety and quality are never out of style with our pilots!

How are the UTA’s deliverables unique? “We deliver accurate data quickly to our customers,” said Mercer. “Our secure platform delivers images and data that can be viewed anywhere and used immediately after the client logs on to the secure portal.” he added.

The UTA’s custom-built operator portal allows use on site and ensures completion of each part of the client task list. This integrity features a user ease and easy to view format that serves the pilot as well as the client.

“Our mission is to serve the need for quality tower inspections on a greater scale, with flexibility, consistency, and professional expertise. UTA brings actionable data to the customer in almost real time – we work at the speed of wireless,” said Mercer. The customer can effortlessly view a report of what they own and its condition on the tower.

UTA is headquartered in the west but our performance partners serve you across the entire USA, coast to coast. Wherever you are…. We’re already there!

For more information or to schedule an inspection, visit www.flyuta.com.

Published May 21, 2018

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